Friday, 6 April 2012

"one can't be angry when one looks at a penguin"...

This is one of my favourite quotes and I think it needs sharing... 
"I find penguins at present the only comfort in life. One feels everything in the world so sympathetically ridiculous; one can’t be angry when one looks at a penguin." 
      -- John Ruskin. 

On the subject of penguins, I have spent the last 6 or so months busily drawing penguins and other bits and bobs for my first ever children's picture book (eeeexciting!) called 'Penguin in Peril'.
I can't tell you too much about it at the moment; apart from it features a penguin thats in peril and will be published in the the new year (february 2013) by the lovely people at Templar Publishing, (they publish the awesome 'Mr Peeks Misunderstanding At The Zoo' - by Kevin Waldron and lots of other gems). 

Enjoy the Easter week end!


  1. wow sounds great! Look forward to seeing it when published!