Thursday, 6 June 2013

Film, Cake and Jim...

I have probably mentioned cake and films on this blog before and I will be mentioning it again... (look away now if you don't like either)

The Lincoln film festival got into full swing on Saturday with 'An evening with Jim Broadbent' (and some cake)...
a full house
Born in Lincolnshire, Jim Broadbent has stared in many films; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Iris, Moulin Rouge and recently Cloud Atlas (playing at least 6 parts). 
The Film Society were delighted to have him join them to kick start the festival.
 On the night we were shown two of Jim Broadbent's short films - 'The Last Englishman' and 'A Sense Of History'. I had not seen before either of the films before, but would definitely recommend hunting them out. They are very well performed and tremendously funny, especially 'A Sense Of History' which was written by and stars Jim and directed by Mike Leigh.
the wonderful cake by cakepoppins .
As well as getting the chance to watch the films there was a small introduction before the films and Q & A session with Jim afterwards... followed by drinks and cake in the bar.

Thanks goes to my super talented cousin - Kate (who I have mentioned before) who made the cake. 
A complete surprise for the film society, they hadn't even thought of it - but I reasoned you can't have a birthday (60 years) with out cake and who better than Jim Broadbent to cut it... 
Jim happily cutting in to cake...
this is the last photo of the cake before it was all eaten up.
The cake featured my illustrations that had been used through out the publicity for the festival by printing the design on to icing paper (this means you can eat it if you so wish). 
You can find out more about putting photos and such on cake here.

Limited edition print of festival art work on sale now.
The cake has long gone now but the print is still available to buy...

The raffle winners of my limited edition print on the night.

It was a super night and an excellent start to the festival, which has a great selection of films through out this month...

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