Monday, 7 October 2013

Film 2012 (better late than never)

I have finally (if some what later than planned) finished my film book for 2012. The book includes musings, thoughts & opinions on all 172 film I watched last year and features 21 paintings (at least one for each month).
Some of the illustrations you might be familiar with having added a few pictures to my website earlier in the year.

 I started doing this at university as a record of films I watched and it has slowly progressed from there. You can see a few of the pages from previous book on my flickr and here

The pictures for 2012 are more thought over and planed than the ink drawings of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Taking an idea, aspect or theme of a film to draw and paint was trickier this time, but a lot more fun. Some ideas worked better in my head than on paper, some never materialised and others were never really changed from the initial idea. 

I have wanted to start to do this as a monthly blog post back in January, as a way of doing the pictures sooner rather than leaving it till new years eve to think of them, yet  I have never made time to do it so far this year but I hope to start this soon.

painted tickets to all the films watched at the cinema.
You can see more pictures at my website
and its Available here.

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