Monday, 6 January 2014


A new year and a whole new list of films to go watch (too many perhaps)… 
In the coming months I hope to make this a regular feature/post - (something I had  actually wanted to start last year, but never got round to doing it.)
 Each month I will post a list of the films I have watched and add a few pictures too. 

In the mean time here are the films from 2013…199 of them. 
Last year included 8 Hitchcock films, 4 Marilyn Monroe films & 3 Ealing Comedies.  It's also the year I finally got to watch Roman Holiday all the way through, decided I might not be clever enough for Woody Allen, decided Paul Newman's Eyes may beat Daniel Craig in the Bluest Blue eyes awards and the year I decided Cary Grant is one of my favourite Actors. 

Some of my favourite films this year included; Gravity, Mud, The Departed, The Philadelphia Story, Roman Holiday, To Catch a Thief, Kings of Summer and The Sting.
 I will gradually get some other pictures up in the next few weeks an hopefully into a book in the next few months, you can see 2012's film book here.


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