Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Book Addict Anonymous...

Hello my name is Helen and I am a book addict....
I don't think I realised I was a book addict until I had to move house - more boxes with books in than anything else!

it took many days to unpack and shelve the books
I write this after coming back from a week in Bologna, for the Bologna Children's Book Fair for the first time. It was amazing and definitely didn't do much good to my bank balance or shelf space.  I came back with 8 wonderful picture books to add to my already squished book shelf.  (it could have been more but i was travelling easy jet so had that against me) 
Bologna is not just a great place because of the book fair, but it also has lovely food to offer, is very walkable and great things to see and do (all holiday snaps are of books - it really is all about the BOOKS!)

such array of books to choose from, these were my final choice.I call it research but really i am using that as an excuse - see I am an addict.
One of the things i really enjoyed was the Benjamin Chaud exhibition at the Hamelin Associates, as part of the fair there was also a talk with Benjamin too.  
Its always a pleasure to see how other illustrators work and their sketchbooks as well as the original works…

pomelo on the walls.
I also really recommend visiting the bookshops if you visit, especially Giannino Stoppani Libreria. This is a bookshop that solely sells children's books. Everywhere you turn there is a book that you will want - it was hard to restrain myself.
Why aren't there more shops like this in the UK?!

heaven for any book addict
Penguin In Peril on show at the book fair
If 8 new editions to the shelves wasn't enough, the week before I had headed up to Newcastle to visit my cousin and made the obligatory trip to Seven Stories. If you haven't been yet I urge you to go, not only do they have a great collection of picture book art work that includes original drawings by Judith Kerr, they also hold great exhibitions. Past ones include Kerr, John Burningham, Puffin and Enid Blyton. And have a super bookshop, which they were rejigging when we visited but I still managed to find some great books.

Seven stories purchases...
Also that week we took a visit to Alnwick - we walked past the castle that has been used in many films and t.v series including Harry Potter and Blackadder, but the highlight was a stop off at Barter books… 
I made no promises about not buying anything.
Barter Books is one of the largest second hand bookshops in Britain and if you take a trip to Alnwick and you are a book lover its worth taking a few hours out to peruse the shelves, you never know what you will find - and there is a small cafe to keep your blood sugar levels up to help you on your mission. 

Barter book finds.
So thats was March in books, I think I will spend April looking for a new bookshelf… oh the possibilities.

If like me, you find yourself becoming a member of Book Addict Anonymous then you might want to take a look at these great blogs to help you find some wonderful gems… 

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  1. Looks like you picked up a few gems in March. I think a future post on book shelves would be most helpful.