Thursday, 8 May 2014

William and the Missing Masterpiece….

My second book William and the Missing Masterpiece has been out a week already, and there has already been a lot of cheese eaten to celebrate it finally hitting the shelves, so as a digestive pause in the cheese eating I thought I would introduce you all to the REAL William who the book is based on….
here he is getting his paws on the preview copy back in March
I have finally been able to sit down with William to ask him some questions about his life as a cat of mystery…. and surprisingly he has been willing to spill the beans… (or should i say let the cat out the bag?)

Firstly when you are not solving crimes, what do you enjoy doing?  
I like to keep busy. People think cats do nothing but lie about all day, but I only spend 95% of my time in bed. In my free time I like reading, going to the cinema and of course foreign travel.
William signed some copies In the National Gallery Shop - look at the company he's keeping!
He is very excited about getting to sign books - he has been practicing for weeks
Do you have a favourite painting, art work or gallery?
My favourite painting is Rabbi with a Cat by Natalia Goncharova. It is in the Scottish National Gallery. I always go to view it when I am in Edinburgh. My favourite gallery has got to be the Hermitage in St Petersburg, you could easily spend a week in there (until they find you and ask you to leave).

How do you feel about being turned into a fictional character? And has it changed your day to day life?
It's very flattering to be put into such a beautiful book. It hasn't changed my life much yet, though there has been some gentle ribbing from the other cats. It's come as quite a surprise to some people that I lead a double life of international crime solving - my owner had no idea. She says it explains the anonymous foreign postcards she's been receiving.

an early painting of William and his lounge - it didn't past muster with his tastes. 

whats your favourite cat in history? Real or fictional
 My favourite fictional cat is The Tiger Who Came to Tea - I love the way he eats and drinks everything in the house and doesn't even apologise. Breathtaking arrogance that every cat should aspire to.
We got to meet the lovely Judith Kerr at Pick Me Up festival this year.

Do you have a favourite cheese/food 
I am watching my weight so I don't eat much cheese, but I love raw fish. particularly tuna and prawns. I adore the fish markets in Tokyo - everyone is so friendly and gives me treats and the quality of the fish is amazing.
Cheese and wine for our book launch
 How do you find collaborating & discussing ideas with me?You are great to work with! I like your visits for a couple of days,  where we sit and I tell you about my latest case and then you illustrate them. Some times I really thing you may have been with me on my adventures.
William got to Meet and sign books with Emma Yarlett in Foyles.
And finally whats next for William the cat of mystery- are we allowed to know? 
Well it's a bit hush hush at the moment but let's just say Hollywood beckons. As for my immediate future, I foresee a small tin of tuna
Books at the launch evening.
 Thanks to William for answering my questions! 
Also thanks to Emma Yarlett for sharing the book launch with me last week, we had a great night at Book And Kitchen with plenty of cheese (see more photos of the night here).
 Emma's book "Orion and The Dark" is also out now and is Super so pick up a copy! 
William is a fan of it - he likes the hidden cover under the slip of the hardback (he likes a mystery) but says he is not afraid of anything!

***Also watch out for Williams 'How to Create a Masterpiece' feature on the Guardian website on the 10th May! 

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