Monday, 7 July 2014

MAY & JUNE 2014 films...(a catch up)

Two film posts in one, it just so happens I have been away at the end of each month to compile the film posts, so have put that last two together as one... 

In May I watched a film every day of the month; including 4 documentaries, 2 animations, Scarface on the big screen and Dazed & Confused on the train (this is becoming a regular habit when travelling)...
In June I caught up with some of the Oscar nominated films; Captain Phillips (I think I would have felt sea sick seeing it on the big screen) and August: Osage County,  plus I watched another film on a train - the choice was Double Indemnity, plus I started to make my way through a Martin Scorsese box set...

Now you can probably see from my film list that I am a big sucker for musical films, give me a Gene Kelly dance number and I am there. But I also like it when a non musical film sneaks a dance scene in, such as Blue Valentine, Breakfast club, or one of my favourites Funny Face. 
So I came up with an idea where I would try to collate all the various dance scenes from films in to one painting. The idea had been floating around in my head for over a year before I started to come up with a list of films and a plan.  

Here is the finished result....  "Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance" 
(which is also the theme for the BFI's programme over the next 2 months - sometimes I wish I lived closer to London)

(I tried making a gif of the different stages but it left me dizzy so I just give you the finished photo).

It features 48 films in total - can you guess them all? plus a couple of famous dances (I couldn't choose a film for them!)  
 I am now in fear of watching movies that may feature a dance that I haven't included.  
 It will also be available to buy as a print soon, so if you are interested get in touch. (

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