Thursday, 4 September 2014


August is finally over - its gone by so quickly yet seemed to last forever, like some films. 
This month I have seen (what looks like a record number even for me) 36 films 
Doris Day appeared twice as did Dustin Hoffman and James Stewart. Paul Newman made an appearance with his blue, blue eyes but the film was in black and white - so you just had to imagine the intensity of them.  
There was some dancing with Ballet Russes, Calamity Jane, Pajama Game, Boogie Nights and Saturday Night Fever (but its not just about the dancing). 
Guardians Of The Galaxy
August also saw me finally see Star Wars (don't judge) properly, plus there were choices good and bad made in most of the films and a lot of killing - and not just from guns - beware of the cat in the shadow!
Rain Man
Also my film on the move this month was… Buena Vista Social Club, a good film for a train journey - just make sure you have your head phones in! 

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