Saturday, 3 January 2015

DECEMBER and 2014's Films...


Here's my film post for December including a round up for the whole of 2014.

 I watched 29 films in December, which included; vampires, gremlins, rats, ghosts, some festive films (Scrooged, Meet Me In St.Louis and Arthur Christmas), a handful of sci-fi, several animations and four visits to the cinema (The Imitation Game, Paddington, Penguins of Madagascar, and Night at the Musuem; Secret of the Tomb). On christmas eve we also watched Blazing Saddles which I accidentally renamed Blazing Salads. 

Over all 2014 was packed with such a mix of films, good and bad, I watched a total of 274 (if I did my maths right. That is 75 more films more than 2013, eek! sometimes i wonder how I fit in anything else in). 

2014 films included 20 documentaries, box sets of Martin Scorsese and Billy Wilders films, and a big selection of Sci-Fi. 
2014 was also the year I watched finally saw the Alien trilogy, Star Wars IV & V, Back to the Future trilogy and Ghostbusters. 

Some of my favourite films of the year include Boyhood, Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy (this was surprisingly fun), Interstellar, Her, Frances Ha and Grand Budapest Hotel.
 And the best old films I watched included Scar Face and Charade.

Top, L-R: Mr Hulot's Holiday, Bill Cunningham; New York, Lego Movie, Grand Budapest, Charade, 
Middle L-R: Scar Face, Romancing the Stone, High Fidelity, Interstellar, Godfather III, Eames,
Bottom L-R: Harold & Maude, Wolf of Wall Street, Rain Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Frances Ha.

 You can read all the film posts from the year here…

Also over christmas I looked through a box of old things and found this picture, a very early picture and review (maybe my first one?) for the Lion King - from 1996 when I was 6. 
 Lion King

Thanks for reading, lots more to come this year.

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