Sunday, 17 May 2015


Finally after months of delay here is my first posts for 2015. 

First up here is my collection of film tickets from 2014, includes 41 tickets. It was interesting going back through, as I always feel I have seen more at the cinema than I probably do and just to remember where and when I saw a film. Odeon and AMC seem to be the regular cinemas visited, my favourite tickets are the Tyneside Cinema for 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and the raffle ticket from seeing 'Metro Manila' at Lincoln Film Society (351). I do wish tickets were a little more interesting though and more like a ticket than a receipt - cinemas take note!
And now to the start of this year, January 2015 included 32 films. One film a day plus a spare! 

Of those 32 film, 10 were watched at the cinema, 5 previously seen films, 2 directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, 2 featuring James Deans and 3 directed by Wes Anderson.

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