Monday, 18 May 2015

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I really enjoyed writing my blog about Bologna and rather than wait till next year to write about my favourite books again I thought I would start writing about them regularly on the blog. I hope to share my love of all books I have read and been inspired by and not just picture books!
To start this off, I have collated all the books I have read since the start of the year; novels, picture books, fiction, non - fiction, zines and art books. 

(in no particular order)
Quite a few of these have had elements of biography within them and this also links to my recent interest in non-fiction. Discovering more things to look into, especially books like Patti Smiths 'Just Kids', I now have so many more musicians, poets and artists to look up - this is a sign of a good book (i think?) when it leads you to further reading and interests. Surely this is one of the reasons why we read?

Picture Books:
Four picture books that I have thoroughly enjoyed. 
Although I find Mia's cinema etiquette something to be improved its a lovely story of a father daughter relationship and the joy of going to the cinema. There are many more in the series, but this it the first I have read, such great illustrations! 
this is the kind of book you wished you had thought of your self. Although not out till the end of the summer in the UK i couldn't resist ordering it, its such a simple idea but with great scope, and absolutely SUPER illustrations with lots of hidden detail to absorb. Also check out Laura B Main Ellen's vlog about it here
This has been on my list of books to get for a while. A big book (it will mean you will have to redesign or sort the selves on your book case out. I like BIG books so this is fine with me), its a gateway to exploring the natural world and museums from your sofa. It gives you just enough information that you will then go pay a visit to your local museum to discover more. 
I stumbled on this whilst browsing the new Foyles the other month, hidden away in the music section it was a real find. Super illustrations that hum and dance the A-Z of jazz, I can't really choose my favourite page. It also has a glossary of Jazz words - its a the cat's meow and the elephants eyebrows! 
Charity shop find: Ronald Searle's Big Fat Cat Book
Full of funny cat illustrations, what more can I say. 

Art Books:
So many things have inspired me in the past couple of months and these books have all caught my eye...
 Brick House - Alice Pattullo for Design For Today - a gatefold card house depicting Eric Ravillious and Edward Bawdens's time at the Brick House. Includes a sheet of cut outs of the two with alphabet mugs and cats! 
Olle Eskell - Of Course! I saw some one on Instagram had posted about this and I planned a trip to Ikea immediately. I was very restraint as they have a whole Olle Eskell collection in store, but the book is defiantly worth it - some great images and details.

I have recently become obsessed with Sol LeWitt after seeing the 'Magnificent Obsessions' exhibition at the Barbican. I really enjoyed seeing his collection, but also the pages of his Autobiography 1980 book - its beautiful, I only wish the book wasn't so rare and expensive, could some one think about reprinting it - the Artist book (below) has a few pages about this book which has satisfied me for now. 
More grids and squares with Joseph Albers and Bauhaus. These are both wonderful - ones I keep returning too. Especially since visiting Berlin and the Bauhaus Archive (I would definitely recommend going to see it). 
The Wim Wenders book was a impulse buy at the Tate Modern bookshop - I have seen a few of his films, so was aware of his work but not his photographs - I kind of wished the book was bigger so you can see the details better. But it does show closes up along the full image, if a little confusing.  It also includes a few essays/interviews which are insightful.

 I would recommend looking at the Fold collaborative - above is issue 10, this issue is all about what didn't happen in films - it features funny illustrations by some great illustrators. And finally Maira Kalman and Daniel Handler's second collaboration with MoMA. I think I like this one more than 'Girls standing on the Lawn', I am a big fan of Kalman's and love her collaborations with Handler. The words, pictures and the selection from the MoMA archive work really well - i hope this continues. if you like this i would recommend also checking out the book 'Why We Broke Up'

I am now off to find more boxes/shelves to store these all in!

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