Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Round up of events...

Its been a busy few weeks with barely a moment to sit down, here is a little round up of what I have been up to...

 Firstly I was asked to create a window display for the new book “William Heads To Hollywood” for the Waterstones on Deansgate in Manchester. It was very exciting and William was very happy to grace a window. 
It was also a lot harder than you think to get it put in, there was a very tiny, slim door that allowed you into the window space - think Alice in Wonderland or Being John Malkovich and you get the idea. Anyhow it all went ok - and I only spilled the popcorn once! 
(before the new books arrived).
Thanks to Charlie for all the help. Go and see the window and say hello to William whilst you can. I will also be at the store for an afternoon of storytelling, activities and book signing on saturday 25th July. If you are around do come and say hello. For more information head here.
Next up I was a guest on Down the Rabbit Hole, along with Steve Antony. You can listen back here, and find out a bit more here. 

At the start of July I was invited down to Damers’ first school, in Dorchester. The day started with a visit to the library, a brilliant library space which such a great selection of books - its great to see such a fab library thats used and loved. I met with a group made up from all the local schools, they listened to me read and I answered questions. Plus we did some activities and some of them had a go at drawing William.
there was a super monster in the school hall.
There were some great drawings but sadly I forgot to take any photos of them. I was also asked to draw things for them - including the head teacher, whilst she watched! 
 eek - no pressure! Thankfully she liked the picture and I was allowed to stay for the afternoon session, back at the school. It was with the younger kids in the hall. I also stayed to talk to a few parents after school, and drew a few things for the kids in kids club. It was a super day and great to see kids enjoying the books.  

I then had a few days to recover which included a day booked on weaving course at Syson gallery in Nottingham run by Hannah Waldron
some of Hannah's lovely work on show. i just love the colours.
The course lasted three hours and was great fun, thanks to Hannah and the gallery for running it. I learnt many techniques and tricks, and was very pleased with the sample I made. I hope to have a bit of spare time to practice more...
I then headed up to Newcastle to chat with the cat of the hour, William and share the new book with him. He has been practicing his posing skills since the last book and gave it a big paws up. 
He personal celebrated with a prawn cocktail on the red carpet.
I also helped decorate some biscuits and a cake beautifully made by my talented cousin, for  the official book launch. If you head over to cakepoppins you can see more of her cakes.

 We then took them down to london for the launch, held at Book & Kitchen in Notting Hill. A beautiful bookshop, with an outdoor patio and kitchen serving delicious food. A lovely place to ponder the afternoon with a stack of books. 
Unfortunately I managed to time the launch with the tube strike which meant many people couldn’t get to the launch, it just meant we all just had to eat more cake. 

It was a lovely evening considering, with many friends, family and book folk managing to make it down to celebrate. I am so excited and pleased William Heads to Hollywood is finally out. 
the cake inside matched the colours on the cover of the book.
And finally, I created this cover for this weeks Big Issue North - its packed full of great book recommendations for the summer so be sure to grab a copy...
 here is one of the illustrations from inside the article...

I have lots of other exciting news and projects to tell you about in the coming weeks but for now thanks for reading and after all that I am off to have a catnap. 
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